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A story about Mike

Post by Thomas Carlo Morris.

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A visit from ITN’s Chris Ship

Chris Ship visits Fishburn

It’s fewer than a hundred days until the UK General Election. You may have heard about it. Don’t believe me? There’s a website you can check. One person who is very aware of such things is ITN’s Deputy Political Editor,

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Why don’t they just listen?

ear muffs

*This article originally appeared in PR Week on January 12, 2015* As a comms professional you spend hours coming up with a considered and creative strategy to navigate the media minefield, and then the organisation goes and does something completely different. An

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Fashion Glasses


What prescription is Tinie Tempah? My assumption is somewhere between -0.01 and bugger all, but I could be wrong. Either way, I lay the blame for this startlingly enduring ovular trend squarely at his door. Yes, it’s the curious phenomenon

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Google Showcases its biggest flaw: profit

Google showcase

Last week, ahead of Black Friday & Cyber Monday, an article in the Financial Times highlighted a Google product first rolled out in the US a year ago: Google Showcase. While the journalist makes no direct complaint about the technology giant, the

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Sunflowers & The Information Point


Hello, It’s fair to say I don’t do a great deal of charity stuff. I give whenever I think it’s appropriate and have done a fun run or a bake sale whenever it’s come along but I wouldn’t say it’s

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False Advertising

not wiggo

This morning, on my regular cycle to work, I was staring fixedly at the lights waiting for them to go green. As is often the case, a lycra-clad man on some sort of carbon-fibre, ultra-lightweight, slick-tyred, alloy- reinforced, ergonomically designed

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A Day at Carter’s Steam Fair

Carter's Steam Carousel

Tom Morris and Andina Brown went to check out Carter’s Steam Fair in Wormwood Scrubs park. Here are some pictures of what they found…

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Dead twitter bird

This article originally appeared on the Fishburn Hedges website on August 5 2013. From a journalistic point of view, silence from big corporations often implies one of two things: The first, and most knee-jerk of assumptions, is that a company

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Mixed Loaf

Logo medium

An old little mix I put together in half an hour. Thought it was time to make my dabblings public so this is the first one. I would particularly recommend it for that half an hour period of getting dressed

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