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Fashion Glasses


What prescription is Tinie Tempah? My assumption is somewhere between -0.01 and bugger all, but I could be wrong. Either way, I lay the blame for this startlingly enduring ovular trend squarely at his door. Yes, it’s the curious phenomenon

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Google Showcases its biggest flaw: profit

Google showcase

Last week, ahead of Black Friday & Cyber Monday, an article in the Financial Times highlighted a Google product first rolled out in the US a year ago: Google Showcase. While the journalist makes no direct complaint about the technology giant, the

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Dead twitter bird

This article originally appeared on the Fishburn Hedges website on August 5 2013. From a journalistic point of view, silence from big corporations often implies one of two things: The first, and most knee-jerk of assumptions, is that a company

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OK I’m bored of this now…


This post originally formed part of the Slog Blog TUESDAY, 22 NOVEMBER 2011 For a while now I’ve heard Paul Simon’s song “You Can Call Me Al” as a sort of eulogy to the mid-life crisis. Maybe it’s just me

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Britain’s Paralympic Veterans

paralympic logo

After the First and Second World Wars, over sixty thousand military amputees came home. Three years later, Britain hosted the Olympics, and a small hospital in Buckinghamshire put on the world’s first ‘Wheelchair Games’. Now in 2012, the future of

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Looking at photographs Those people are dead. Not lying in graves or Powdered to ashes but Gone none the less.

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Knowing When to Pull Out…


Good old facebook. Keeps us in touch. Shows us what all are friends are up to. Keeps adding features to show how connected we all are. Keeps revealing by using those same features that actually quite a lot of us

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A Life of Grime


There’s a chance the name ‘Wiley’ might not mean anything to you. Or, it rings a faint bell, and there you are remembering “Wearing My Rolex”. “Not a bad tune that”, you think. But otherwise, the stage name of Richard

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Cling Film


Oh for a world Where I could still afford To hate boiled broccoli; Where the rice pudding And cheese-sauce taste The same; Where the path to the playground Is a hot concrete road And the smell of warm rain Unfallen

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