Single Review: Marina And The Diamonds & Charli XCX – Just Desserts

 Definitely one for the fans.

just desserts

There’s no doubt that Marina and Charli make for a good duo. Both have charm, charisma and voices that fight an excellent corner for refusing to adopt transatlantic auto-tune in either its oversexed raunchiness or hyper-saccharine formats. That said, there seems to be a lot of excitement for this track on the download page and it’s not immediately clear why.

Take MLIA_L’s observation: “This is like mellow pop alternative I don’t even know it’s a gorgeous song that’s it’s own genre entirely.” Grammar fail aside, the comment is noteworthy for several things.

Firstly, this does have a genre. It’s called ‘Pop’. Nicely done pop with some good quality, professional production.

Secondly though, as songs go, it’s not really gorgeous. Yes, it does have Marina’s sultry tones delivering her tenor/alto flirtations, yes Charli makes the sing-talk most recently used by Ke$ha sound like music and not audio terrorism, but the song itself is a relatively simple combination of piano tinkling, deep-bass synth and slightly off-beat drums. And that’s cool, but hardly revolutionary. In the same way that ‘Just Desserts’ also isn’t a massive leap in the ‘metaphor for relationship comeuppances’ sector. So while this definitely is one for the fans, you can’t help feeling that there’s probably also reason they saw fit to give it away for free.


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